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What is Field To Table?


The freedom of moving throughout the wilderness, the thrill of the challenge, the perfection of your craft, a family tradition, to be outdoors with buddies, or a combination of all these things and so much more. There are endless reasons to hunt. And for many, it’s the fresh meat and a full freezer! Field to Table is the process spanning hunting, field dressing, processing, and preparing a meal. It is an accomplishment punctuated by sharing a meal with those you care about.


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Before you get your meat to the kitchen, it’s crucial to keep it clean and cool in the field. The right tools will make that possible. Sharp knives and good game bags make or break the success of your field dressing. Depending on the season and style of hunting, a high quality cooler may be essential. At home, meat grinders and slicers aid in your processing, whether you are making sausage, jerky, or cutting the perfect steak. Once you’re ready to make the meal you have put so much effort into, it’s important to select the best way to enhance the flavor. Consider grilling, roasting, smoking, or dehydrating the meat.


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Smoking is one of the oldest and tastiest methods of preserving your meat from a successful hunt. Consider soaking your cuts in a brine to keep the meat from drying out when smoking it. Remember low and slow for cooking.


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Dehydrators use a built in fan with low heat to slowly dry out the food by removing the moisture. This stops bacteria from growing and allowing you to store your food over longer periods of time.


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Meat Grinders


Electric meat grinders are generally faster and more efficient in grinding up meat. Grinding your own meat gives you more control of fat content and types of meat. The meat will taste way better than anything you can buy at the local market.


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Gear that you feel confident in will make all the difference. Part of that confidence comes from taking the time to select the right combination of equipment. Choose your ammunition, arrows, scope, and sight based on your style of hunting, skill level, and budget. Spending the time at the range perfecting your performance is just as important as the selection of your equipment. Whether it is a gun or bow, being familiar with your own gear and knowing what to expect means you can trust it will deliver when the time comes.


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Franchi Momentum 300 Rifle


The Momentum is designed to be an extension of the body, regardless of shooting position. The stock combines curvy lines and crisp checkering to yield an ideal hold on 5 frequently-used shooting positions, while the recessed swivel attachments save the left hand from recoil.


• Package deal is topped with a 3-9 X 40mm Burris scope


• TSA recoil pad absorbs 50% of felt recoil and will not snag on your clothes


• Glass-smooth bolt operations and short 60-degree lift


• The end is threaded under a knurled cover, making it easy to attach a variety of muzzle accessories




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Franchi Momentum 300 Rifle

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Clothing and Footwear for Hunting

Hunting clothing can enhance your comfort in the field while helping to conceal you or make you visible. Selecting the right layering system will keep you warm in the blind or cool for the long walk to the top. A well thought out clothing system means you’ll never be too hot or too cold and can make quick adjustments. With simple adjustment, you can be prepared for different hunting seasons or ever changing weather within a weekend. The technology that modern clothing offers, such as stretch, waterproofing, scent control, breathability, durability, and warmth means there is an option for every hunt. When putting together a clothing system for your hunt, these features offer clothing that can be personalized to meet your needs. Lastly, remember to check the regulations to see if your hunt requires blaze.

Footwear is the most used piece of gear in hunting and yet it is often overlooked. Your boots are in constant use so it’s worth taking the time to find the ideal footwear. Just as purchasing a bow or gun, investing in quality footwear will result in a better hunting experience. There are so many features to consider in your boots such as waterproof or not, how much insulation, and sole material. You will spend mile after mile, year after year, in pursuit with your boots, we recommend you try on multiple styles from various brands to find the best fit with the features you need.


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Sitka Ascent Pant


The Ascent Pant was designed for exacting early-season conditions. Features 4-way stretch Cordura nylon for enhanced durability, mesh-backed pockets for ventilation and internal mesh knee-pad pockets when added protection is desired.


• GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain


• Polygiene Odor Control Technology naturally prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria


• Mesh knee pad pockets offer optional protection


• Articulated patterning combined with a Performance Fit




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Sitka Ascent Pant

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Sitka Ascent Pant |

Sitka Ascent Pant |

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Field Guide

Over the years field gear has changed drastically from the compass and map you used on the first hunt with your dad. Now it’s Oynx Maps and a Garmin to navigate the wilderness. Scopes and rangefinder increase your odds of making the right shot. With GPS, navigating to a specific point or home becomes much easier. New technology can have a positive impact in the field, but it hasn’t taken the hunt out of hunting.


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Nikon Monarch 3000 Rangefinder


Designed for single-handed operation, the MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED instantly stabilizes the image ou see in the 6x monocular and simultaneously activates the HYPER READ function within for extraordinarily fast, postive measurements.


• You can direct the laser onto the target faster and more easily


• Advanced ID Technology provides the horizontal distance to the target


• Made to withstand even the worst conditions, the MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED is waterproof and fogproof




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Nikon Monarch 3000 Rangefinder | JAX Goods

Nikon Monarch 3000 Rangefinder | JAX Goods

Nikon Monarch 3000 Rangefinder | JAX Goods

Nikon Monarch 3000 Rangefinder | JAX Goods

Nikon Monarch 3000 Rangefinder | JAX Goods

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