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What makes a family? Is it a common ancestry or a shared passion? Do we rise each morning mindful of what must be done, or what we get to create?


They may ask why we do it. Why the toil, why the long hours and “mess”. It becomes more than just fresh eggs, choosing which breeds to build your flock, or even teaching our youth the value of pitching in.


Every new endeavor follows an uncertain, winding road. Let us join in your journey. Our poultry experts don’t just point you in the right direction. With a lifetime of experience, we’ve been where you are, and know how to help get you there.


It’s a lifestyle. It’s who we are. Let’s get started, together.




Chicken Breed Guide

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Rhode Island Red
Rhode Island Red's originated from America and are known as a 'dual purpose' chickens. They are a popular chicken choice for backyard chicken flocks because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness.

Eggs: You should expect a young Rhode Island Red to lay 200-280 eggs per year.

Color: Contrary to their name, Rhode Island Reds actually have brown and black feathers.

Character: They are more than capable of looking after themselves, and are well known for being tough.
This chicken originates from The Port of Leghorn in Italy. They were later shipped America in the early 1800s, and then to Britain in the white form (which has remained the most popular variety).

Eggs: They are a productive egg layer, producing between 280-320 eggs each year.

Color: One of the most unique breeds going with a full white body and a large thick red comb.

Character: Leghorn chickens have a lovely, sprightly temperament, however aren’t as cuddly or fond of being touched as other chickens. They prefer to just do their own thing and roam around the backyard, inquisitive and independent birds that they are.
The Sussex is a large breed of Chickens, that originated in the county of Sussex, England, and hence comes the name. It’s a dual-purpose bird that was highly prized in its country of origin more than 100 years ago.

Eggs: A Sussex is easily capable of laying 240 – 260 eggs per year. The color of the eggs will vary from brown through to creamy white.

Color: The Sussex breed has eight different colors, the most common one being a pure white body with black neck and tail feathers.

Character: They are a very calm breed who would happily free range in a garden without destroying it! If you want a tame breed which would eat from your hand the Sussex is for you.
Cinnamon Queen |
Cinnamon Queen
Like several other sex linked breeds, Cinnamon Queen Chickens were developed to meet the needs of modern flock keepers. Most people keep chickens are looking for excellent egg production, and Cinnamon Queens certainly deliver.

Eggs: Cinnamon Queen hens will begin laying at an earlier age than most other breeds, and they are excellent layers of large, brown eggs.

Color: Hens are a reddish brown color, giving the breed its name, and young males are white.

Character: Hens are a reddish brown color, giving the breed its name, and young males are white.
Silver Laced Polish |
Silver Laced Polish
Polish were first imported to the United States sometime between 1830 and 1840, and they were well established in backyard flocks by 1850.

Eggs: Most Silver Laced Polish hens will lay around 200 white eggs per year.

Color: Silver Laced Polish display an eye-catching black and white patterning that is simply beautiful.

Character: Some owners describe their Polish chickens as "spastic," but everyone agrees they are gentle. Their large crests limit their vision and so they are easily startled, which may explain why they are described as spastic.
Buckeye | JAXGoods
Buckeye Chickens are among the most cold-hardy of all breeds. Many who raise them also report that they are exceptionally friendly birds.

Eggs: This breed is raised more often for meat than for egg production and has yellow skin. Hens do, however, lay a significant quantity of large, brown eggs - about 180-260 per year. Then hens may also be broody.

Color: Buckeyes have a pea comb.

Character: Many people who raise Buckeyes say that they are so friendly and curious they will jump into humans’ arms, or stay underfoot just to see what is going on. Roosters can sometimes be slightly aggressive. Buckeyes are also good foragers.
Olive Egger |
Olive Egger
Olive Eggers are a mixed breed of chicken, the result of mixing Legbars, Marans, and Ameraucanas. Although these are beautiful and interesting chickens, the main point of owning Olive Eggers is to get olive-colored eggs

Eggs: Olive Eggers are good layers of about 180-200 large-sized eggs per year

Color: Olive Egger chicks come in a variety of colors.

Character: Because of the genetic diversity in Olive Eggers, there tend to be a lot of individualized personalities. But in general, Olive Eggers are friendly and mellow birds, getting along well with other breeds.
Buff Orpington
If there are celebrities within the poultry fancy, then William Cook must be counted among them. Mr. Cook developed the Orpington breed, and named it after his hometown, which was, of course, the town of Orpington.

Eggs: They are excellent dual purpose chickens, as they will grow to a good, heavy table weight with white skin, but are productive egg layers. You can expect between 200-280 brown eggs per year from one Buff Orpington hen.

Color: The Buff is a gorgeous, rich, golden color. They have a single comb and are cold hardy birds.

Character: Orpingtons are known to be docile, sweet birds. Aside from their practical aspects, they make good pets. They also have good foraging ability. 






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