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Women's Ascent Pant

Sitka Gear Women's Ascent Pant $189.00
Men's Ballistic Vest

Sitka Gear Men's Ballistic Vest $99.00
Unisex Gradient Glove

Sitka Gear Unisex Gradient Glove $40.00
Men's Traverse Glove

Sitka Gear Men's Traverse Glove $40.00
Women's Jetstream Headband

Sitka Gear Women's Jetstream Headband $29.99
SITKA Beanie

Sitka Gear SITKA Beanie $24.00 to $30.00
Mens Mountain Pant

Sitka Gear Mens Mountain Pant $199.00
Men's Timberline Pant

Sitka Gear Men's Timberline Pant $229.00 to $249.00
Men's Ascent Pant

Sitka Gear Men's Ascent Pant $189.00
Men's Grinder Pant

Sitka Gear Men's Grinder Pant $189.00
Jetstream Beanie

Sitka Gear Jetstream Beanie $48.99 to $49.00
Mountain Glove

Sitka Gear Mountain Glove $119.00
Women's Traverse Glove

Sitka Gear Women's Traverse Glove $40.00  NOW $32.00
Men's Core Lightweight Hoody

Sitka Gear Men's Core Lightweight Hoody $119.00
Men's Fanatic Lite Jacket

Sitka Gear Men's Fanatic Lite Jacket $289.00
Men's Gradient Hoody

Sitka Gear Men's Gradient Hoody $199.00
Women's Jetstream Jacket

Sitka Gear Women's Jetstream Jacket $299.99
Women's Jetstream Vest

Sitka Gear Women's Jetstream Vest $199.00  NOW $159.20
Men's Cloudburst Pant

Sitka Gear Men's Cloudburst Pant $329.00
Men's Heavyweight Bottom

Sitka Gear Men's Heavyweight Bottom $99.00

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Items per page: 20 40 60

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