Which Came First - The Coop or The Chickens

Posted by Brook Miller | 03.16.2016

My name is Brook and I am a "chicken lady." I purchased 7 chicks at Jax and took them home before building our chicken coop.


My flock lived in the bathroom for a month. The bathroom was the best place in our house to put them because of easy access to clean water, enough space for their "playpen" and our dog remembers bath time too vividly to venture into that territory. Surprisingly, we grew very fond of having them there.


Benefits Included:


  • The chicks stayed nice and warm by their heat lamp, (we did too).


Clamp lights are only rated up to 150-watts. Make sure you buy a Brooder Clamp Light that is rated up to 300w bulbs.


The Master Electrician 300w brooder clamp light is a good choice.


TIP: Chicks can get too warm so pay careful attention to the placement of the heat lamp. Your chicks should NOT pant.


  • They ONLY made a ruckus during the daytime (a very cute ruckus, at that!)
  • I would recommend sweeping the floor before taking a shower.
  • The moisture in the air kept dust minimum.
  • There was plenty of room for a giant Tuff Stuff heavy duty oval tank with pinewood shavings.
  • We didn't need to worry about cross contamination with food.


We had to build the chicken coop ASAP because they grow up so fast. Even though they were pretty much perfect roommates, we knew we had to build a chicken coop. Their tub was getting smaller and smaller, and like all cute babies, they grow up fast.


We built a chicken coop of our own design. It was really more of a chicken mansion, really, not to brag. The the coop was supported by sturdy beams at the perfect height!


We Built the Coop for OUR Comfort.


  • We were able access the entire space without getting dirty from reaching over chicken litter.
  • We did not need to stoop or strain to reach eggs or the hanging water & food containers we'd be using as the chicks got older.


Chick Feeder: Use a plastic jar with your water base. Glass mason jars can be top-heavy and you risk it tipping over and landing hard on any unlucky chick that might be under it.


  • Double doors let us minimize heat loss in the winter, and maximize our ability to gather eggs without any dramatic chicken escape into unsupervised territory.



We Built the Coop for Our CHICKENS Comfort.


  • They loved having a place in their yard that did not get covered in snow during the winter.
  • Under the coop won "most popular place to chill in the shade" during the summer.


Our chickens were free range, but not without limits. We lived in the mountains and our chickens were ill equipped to survive the hardships of "natural selection."


Every chicken, from the mountains to suburban backyards, faces a dangerous world! Threats of predatory birds and wild animals (capable of killing an adult human if they had the gumption) worried me…. Our chickens didn't stand a chance outside of their spacious "safe zones". I felt it would have been irresponsible to leave them outside of the fenced and covered yards that kept them safe, unsupervised and unable to wander into a coyotes mouth.


We let them out of their yard to explore whenever we were home. They enjoyed the chance to "get the good stuff" on the other side of the fence.

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