The North Face Thermoball Jacket Review

Posted by Kara English | 02.19.2016


Two Jax team members recently had the opportunity to review the popular Thermoball Jacket from The North Face. Take a look at why the Thermoball is the go-to jacket for anywhere your adventures take you! 


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The North Face Thermoball Jacket Review - by Rachel Schappell


The International Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge, Colorado is a 26 year-old tradition that attracts close to 40,000 people from all over the world. My dog, Strider, and I attended for the first time this year. To stay warm, he brought his down puppy vest, and I brought along my North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket to test how well it protected against the harsh winter weather conditions in the Colorado mountains.


Every year around 16 four-person teams are chosen out of 40 applicants to compete in the International Snow Sculpture Championship for top bragging rights, as well as medallions, trophies, and ribbons. The teams come from all over the world, some as far as Mongolia, Estonia, Finland, Germany and France. They are each given a 20-ton, 12-foot tall block of snow to carve into a sculpture. The teams must carve their snow sculptures without using any sort of power tools or internal support structures. From here the creativity begins. They use anything from chicken wire to vegetable peelers to achieve their desired design, and in just five days or less!


We arrived to the event late in the afternoon when the temperatures were quickly dropping and the wind was starting to howl. With just a sweatshirt on underneath, The North Face Thermoball Jacket really did keep me warm through out the evening. Because of how fitted the jacket is around the upper back and shoulders, I did have to go up a size in order to fit a sweatshirt underneath.However, I do really like the design of the jacket! It fits closely to the body, but still allows for an active and practical lifestyle.


The Thermoball jacket is the most versatile synthetic-insulated jacket that The North Face currently offers. It is filled with innovative PrimaLoft synthetic fiber clusters that trap heat within small air pockets to help retain body heat. This technology was invented and is used only by The North Face. I’ve always been partial to down jackets, so I was slightly weary of how this new technology would compare. I have to say, from a consumer standpoint, this jacket kept me just as warm, if not warmer than my previous down jacket did. It has the same lightweight, compressibility properties of down, but the synthetic material is designed to lend extra warmth and insulation especially when wet. This is something my previous down jacket failed to do, and it became very evident every time it would rain or snow.


I would highly recommend The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket to anyone who prefers a form-fitting winter jacket. It really seems to encompass all of the necessities of a superb winter jacket, such as; lightweight materials, packable design, and a synthetic fiberfill that compares evenly, if not better, to down. The International Snow Sculpture Championship is a great day trip or weekend getaway for anyone, and best of all admission is FREE!


The North Face Thermoball Jacket Review - by Mo Bray


I jumped at the opportunity to take The North Face Men’s Thermoball Jacket out for a “test spin” this past week. I'd always been impressed with jacket’s sleek, uncluttered look. I wanted to see how the Thermoball performed during the course of a few days of Colorado winter weather.


Although advertised as having an “active” fit, the men's jacket had a “boxier”, less tapered cut than similar jackets in the category. Although not a total fix, moving to a size medium made of big difference. The jacket also has a longer torso than its competitors which I appreciated while riding my bike and shoveling the last of the snow. Likewise, getting adequate sleeve length can be difficult, but the sleeves on the Thermoball Jacket proved to be just about right.


As I wore the jacket more, I realized small features that made some big differences in the comfort and ease of use for the Thermoball Jacket. Everything that was extraneous to that sleek, nylon shell (eg: zippered front pockets, elastic sleeve cuffs, zipper pulls, even the adjustable waist cinch) had been minimized, moved inside the flush surface, and then covered by extending the quilted nylon outer material. The results are cuffs that provide extra inch warm wrist coverage and zippered pockets that practically disappear.


That extra design work really pays off - the Thermoball Jacket slides on easily over shirts, sweaters or fleece. It is also serves as a great thermal layer under a shell for harsher conditions. It’s super lightweight and compact, so when it wasn’t on my back it was stuffed in my pack. I threw it on to warm up with coffee first thing in the morning and then just added a fleece underneath and some gloves for the crisp bike ride into work. During the day the Thermoball is became my “go to” stand alone jacket while making the rounds of errands and various outdoor projects. With our weather, when the sun comes out the jackets go away and this North Face Jacket made the transition from warm to cold and inside to outside fast and easy. For me, it’s the Thermoball jacket design and versatility that makes it a great Colorado jacket!

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