Larimer County Fair Parade & 2022 Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queen

Posted by Morgan Crouse, 2022 Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queen | 07.27.2022


When I think of the Larimer County Fair, one of my favorite parts will always be the parade. Growing up in 4-H meant yet another year of parade planning, building, and plenty of shenanigans! I will forever hold special childhood memories of the Larimer County Fair Parade.




Planning would start a couple months before the actual parade. We would attend my Desperados 4-H club meeting in late spring to discover the theme. It was always on the meeting agenda and members would start tossing out float ideas. This year’s theme is “Cowboy Boots & Country Roots”, and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. I must admit, we had some crazy ideas and our parents had to reign us in at times, but for the most part they let us create some incredible floats! Every year since I was a Clover bud, my family was on the parade float committee.  When I was older, I volunteered to lead the committee… so I guess you could say I really had fun!


Have you ever built a float for Fair in late July? It is a lot of work, and the weather is usually very hot! Despite that, it’s still some of my favorite memories in 4-H. Over the 11+ years of parades, several different families volunteered their homes, trucks, and trailers for us to use. They were usually on farms and ranches and the trailers we used were huge! It typically took multiple days of us building pieces of the float to be reassembled once the truck and trailer were in their place, in the line-up on the day of the Parade. We would spend hours drawing and painting all sorts of items and signs, the creativity was without limits! Oh, and the shenanigans I mentioned earlier…well, let’s just say there were many incidents of paint fights and water wars to keep things fun year after year!



If all that doesn’t sound like enough fun, it gets even better. As for myself and the other horse members, including my sister Valerie, our memories of parade morning are a bit different than our friends who met us over at the float. We had to wake up extra early to show up with our horses all clean and decorated with glitter and hoof polish! The group picture we took each year was the best, it filled the camera frame and parents had to keep backing up to fit in the entire group of horses and float!



The best part, without a doubt though, was when we started down the road. Our float sang out with country music, usually the song “Desperados” would be playing. The horses and riders and our club royalty would be out in front, and our club banner was carried proudly. From each side of our float, you could hear children shouting, “Good morning” and parents chiming in with, “See you at the Fair”.  The crowd smiled, waved, and greeted us back every time.


All along our path through downtown Loveland there was a feeling of joy and goodness. The excitement of County Fair and the days ahead was present once again as we made the journey. These memories are so much more than just a parade, they are a much-loved part of my childhood and that of many Larimer County residents. I assure you; I will continue making these memories now as an adult, I hope you do as well.

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