The Guide to Winter Relaxation and Comfort

Posted by Carla Bamesberger | 01.11.2016

Snuggly clothing on a winter day can take the edge off of any chill. Whether you’re out and about or tucked away at home, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cup of steaming cider or rich hot cocoa in front of the fire with friends and family. First, you need to know where to look. At JAX, we offer a variety of amazingly comfortable clothing items to nestle down in this winter.


Lounge Around the House


When it comes to lounging around the house, you can’t go wrong with flowy cotton pajamas. Hatley, based out of Québec, Canada, offers an amazing selection of stylish Little Blue House pajamas. Life is too short for mono-colored pajamas. Hatley’s Little Blue House designs feature animal patterns, from classic cabin moose and bears to pop-art-style owls and dinosaurs. These fun patterns make perfect gifts as well. You’ll find a variety of styles from Little Blue House to suit everyone’s preferences, include nightgowns, pajama tops and bottoms, boxers, children’s pajamas, and even onesies for the toddlers in your life.


For occasions when you need something a little warmer, pull on a Life is Good hoodie. Each Life is Good hoodie features a fun, motivational quote to remind you that life really is good.


Keep Those Feet Warm

Wrapping up in warm hoodies and pajamas doesn’t always cut it. If you find yourself with blocks of ice instead of feet, your whole body will feel cold and tense. Relax with a warm pair of slippers. Acorn makes slippers to suit almost anyone’s personal style. Their men’s, women’s, and children’s Moccasin slipper offers a wide range of patterns, from blue leopard print to green plaid. Acorn makes every Moccasin with a highly cushioned footbed to support your feet while you lounge.


Acorn also offers a great selection of children’s and toddler’s slippers. They make their Easy Bootie style simple to put on over tiny, flailing feet, and the cuff of these slippers help them stay on even the most active tot. Happy feet make happy children, and they’ll feel even happier when they look down and see their feet enveloped by cartoonish alligators, deer, and puppies.


Put a Lid On It

The right hat or headband can help you maintain that snuggly feeling even when you travel outdoors. Fur Headwear from Turtle Fur offers the best head comfort this season. These hand-knit products feel silky-soft, and create the perfect fit between snug and loose. The fashionable Fur hats, as well as several of the headbands, feature fleece lining that covers the whole interior rather than just the brim for extra warmth.


Style on the Go


Going out shouldn’t put an end to your plush winter comfort. It all comes down to choosing the right clothing for the job.


Patagonia’s lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Pullover fleece offers plush comfort on the go. A y-joint sleeve design makes these midweight fleeces easy to move around in. You can wear the Synchilla Snap-T Pullover as a top or mid layer depending on your warmth needs. These durable fleeces come in men’s and women’s cuts and offer colorful, eye-catching patterns for fun-loving individuals.


Ladies will love the Flight Vest and Flight Jacket from Kuhl (check out Melanie Wilson’s review of this great item!). One touch of the unique exterior fabric will show you just how comfortable this design is. You’ll think you’ve just run your hands over the silky-smooth coat of an Afghan Hound puppy. The zipper pockets on the vest and jacket look stylish and follow the contours of the body in a flattering design that compliments the leather accents. When you’re done with the hood, you can zip it into the neck.


Men who want to stay snuggly will love the Cascade Sweater from HippyTree. Lay back and look good in this fashionable sweater. HippyTree designs their products to be travel-worthy while maintaining that lounging feel. This design features a hood for added warmth, and a hoodie-like front pocket for convenience and frigid hands.


Everyone needs comfortable clothing to snuggle into during the winter. If you need to increase the cold-weather comfort of your wardrobe this season, swing by a Jax location near you to see what we have in stock.

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