Ten Reasons You Need a Pair of Chaco Sandals

Posted by Carla Bamesberger | 03.21.2016


While traveling to Minnesota for a family event, I noticed something strange: a disturbing lack of Chacos. In Colorado, it seems like warm weather causes every other person you meet to throw a pair of these outstanding sandals. Not in Minnesota, it would seem. Maybe it’s because this iconic brand got its start in Colorado, or that I didn’t run into many outdoor enthusiasts. Whatever the reason, the experience made me think about all of the things that make this footwear awesome. I managed to shrink my lengthy list down to the top ten reasons why everyone should own a pair.


  1. Colorado Local: These sandals were born in Colorado when a rafting guide endeavored to create the ultimate sandal for river sports. They had to be durable, and offer aggressive traction to keep people from slipping on wet rocks.
  2. Comfort: Uncomfortable feet can ruin any outing. These sandals offer unprecedented comfort to keep you on your feet. Their patented Luvseat Footbed offers such outstanding arch support that the American Podiatric Medical Association recognizes the brand.
  3. Versatile Fashion: Whether you’re dressed in zip-off pants, swim trunks, or dress clothing, your feet will always match your outfit. The Z-strap design gives them a classy look that many other adventure sandals don't.
  4. Customizable: You can customize them. Their website has a creation page where you can change everything, from the color of the buckle to what type of tread you want. Choose from an ever-growing selection of webbing (from solid colors to zigzags and mountains) to create your ultimate style. They occasionally release special webbing patterns for limited times such as their Grateful Dead design.
  5. Sustainable: When our footwear breaks or falls apart, we send it to the landfill. Not with Chaco. Thanks to their sustainable ReChaco program, simply send in your tired old pair back to their workshop along with a small fee. The company will refresh them and send them back to you so that you can keep on playing without buying a whole new pair.
  6. Long-Lasting: One pair should last you at least ten years. The company uses durable materials that hold up well over time. This combined with their ReChaco program allows you to wear the same pair endlessly, or at least until you want a new pattern.
  7. Built for Adventure: You’ll see people wearing these sandals on hiking trails, in the city, at the pool, on the rock wall, in the river, or anywhere else you can think of. They are highly versatile in order to suit a wide range of outdoor hobbies. They dry faster than other brands, and their strappy design makes it easy to clip them onto paddleboards, inner tubes, backpacks, boats, or anything else you might suspend them from. As an added bonus, they float, so you can easily retrieve them if you drop them in the water.
  8. Rocking Tan Lines: Most sandals create triangle or rectangle shaped tan lines on your feet. These tans look a little funny. Chaco followers proudly sport the Z-shaped memory of their own adventures. This phenomenon is so widespread that even searching the words “Chaco tan” on Google will fetch you back a plethora of proud adventurer feet. A quick hashtag search of #ChacoNation on social media will show you even more!
  9. Join a Community: Nobody told me when I bought my first pair that I was inadvertently joining a friendly cult of sorts. Many Chaco followers will nod at one another in passing, acknowledging one another’s groovy footwear. You can also use these sandals as a gateway to conversation when encountering other followers.
  10. Easy Adjustments: The webbing that makes up your sandal is one continuous strap laced through the sole. This design makes it easy to readjust your footwear throughout the day as needed.


Although the sandals are some of their most popular products, Chaco also offers other types of quality footwear. If you need a nice pair of hiking shoes, stylish boots, or flipflops, check out their other great products. For more information about Chaco footwear, please stop by a Jax location near you. You can also visit Jax online to see what we have in stock.

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