Purina Start & Grow Medicated Premium Poultry Feed - Review & Giveaway

Posted by Kara English | 03.10.2016


Raising chicks can be fun and exciting but figuring out the best feed for your baby chicks can be daunting. You want to be sure they get the right nutrition early on so they grow up healthy and strong. To help you get started we are giving away one 50lb. bag of Start & Grow Medicated Premium Poultry Feed from Purina®. 


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Purina performs feeding trials with all of their recipes because the nutrition and quality of what your birds eat will affect their health. Healthy hens produce healthy eggs and high quality nutrition for your family, so what you choose to feed them is important.


Purina® Start & Grow Medicated Poultry Feed can be offered to your chicks from hatch to 18 weeks of age, or until your first egg. Simple ingredients with no artificial preservatives, no growth hormones and no animal by-products or fillers will give them a balanced and complete diet right from the start. This recipe is formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and yeast to support immune and digestive health.


Let's talk about "Medicated". Don't let this word fool you. It's not for sick chicks, it does NOT contain harmful chemicals or medicines that will harm your chick or the quality of nutrition in her eggs when she starts laying. In fact it's the opposite!

The term Medicated on Purina® Start & Grow Feed, indicates it contains Amprolium. What is Amprolium? Great question! Amprolium is a FDA approved coccidiostat that helps prevent Coccidiosis in your growing chicks. Amprolium is NOT an antibiotic and at no time during the bird's life can it transfer or be absorbed into your chicks eggs, or into their meat. This is often the most common misconception about Amprolium.


Your next question is probably 'What is Coccidiosis?". Coccidiosis is caused be parasites that damage the intestinal lining in chickens and can be fatal. Young chicks are more susceptible to Coccidiosis, a disease that is present just about everywhere in the environment. Coccidiosis prevents the chicks from absorbing nutrients from their food which can lead to poor growth, bloody/watery diarrhea, unhealthy birds and death.


Very few chicks are vaccinated for Coccidiosis at the hatchery. It's important that you ask when you adopt your chicks. If they have NOT been vaccinated it's highly recommend you start them on a feed that contains Amprolium - also known as a "medicated" feed. If they have been vaccinated you can start them on Purina® Start & Grow Non-Medicated Poultry Feed. For those who choose a non-medicated option for un-vaccinated chicks, careful attention to keeping the environment dry and disinfected will be very important.


The benefits of feeding your chicks a feed that contains Amprolium are:


  • Help protect your non-vaccinated chicks from Coccidiosis.
  • Promote a healthier digestive system for your chicks from the start.
  • Reduced death loss and ilness by minimizing the risk of Coccidiosis.


One of our JAX employees just took her baby chicks home, she choose Purina® Start & Grow Medicated Poultry Feed for her chicks.


There is just the right amount of calcium in it. Too much can harm the growth and future ability of egg laying. Too little calcium and the chicks could be undernourished and never reach their full size, it can also effect their ability to lay eggs


I have seen a difference in feather color and texture compared to the chicks I raised last year. My chicks love their new feed and so do I!– Hallie Craig – Sales Associate at JAX Loveland Outdoor Gear-Ranch & Home


Hallie pointed out calcium in her review. This recipe has the proper calcium to phosphorus balance to ensure strong bones for your chicks.


The difference in feather color comes from the exclusive level of Marigold Extract, targeted amino acids and essential minerals.


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