Our Favorite Trails to Mountain Bike in Northern Colorado

Posted by Richie & Allie Fiscus, Contributors | 08.27.2019

Whether you like technical terrain or rolling hills, Northern Colorado has epic mountain bike trails to make everyone happy. Check out a few of our fave mountain bike trails.


Trail Riding


Favorite Trail - Ally Fiscus:


One of my favorite trails in Northern Colorado is Timber to Kimmons in Lory State Park. This trail combines a good climb with a fun, technical downhill. For beginners, I recommend Valmont Bike Park in Boulder for a good variety of terrain to practice mountain biking skills. For intermediate riders, Blue Sky to Indian Summer is a fantastic, quick loop. For expert riders, Wathan Trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park is a fun, technical downhill and Hall Ranch in Lyons provides many rock obstacles to conquer. Northern Colorado has an amazing, diverse network of trails to suit any rider.



Favorite Trail - Richie Fiscus:


My favorite trail in the Fort Collins area is Wathan Trail. It is one of the most recognizable trails in the area and is known nationally as one of the regions best trails. It has an easier, service road climb, with steep sections, followed by rocks and a technical decent with fast sections and switchbacks and ends in a valley where one must climb back out. Depending on the other trails you take on this route and which parking lot you park at, the length is usually 10 to 15 miles.



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