Oboz Men's Bridger Mid Waterproof: First Impressions

Posted by Weston Joslyn, Contributor | 09.26.2021

Step in. Lace up. Be at ease. Right out of the box, this shoe is ready to go. The moment I slipped on my new Bridger Mid B-Dry Boots the interior molded against every contour of my foot.


When it comes to how much you enjoy a day on the trail, a lot of it depends on what’s on your feet. Fortunately, the Bridger B-Dry boasts impressive longevity, arch support, and a secure heel to help you feel comfortable even during a day of intensive hiking.


Oboz Bridger Waterproof Hiking Boot in Livermore, CO


On The Inside


Oboz boasts a proprietary insole as the mainstay of their boot's comfort suite. The purposefully molded construction at work here can be appreciated by any active outdoor enthusiast. The sculpted interior design definitely feels like it is ready to support a full day of activity.


Around the ankle, the boot is very plush and supportive. With other boots, I have often noticed rubbing and wear with each step, however I was pleased to feel added attention with this design. The boot's ankle offers a generous amount of compression that does a great job at absorbing impact. The supportive ankle really helps with avoiding sprains, and ranks as one of my favorite aspects of this boot.


The Heel


The boot’s large heel forms a shock absorbing cup around the rear of your foot. I really expected to feel sore after more than 3 hours of hiking. Some rubbing on new shoes is, after all, expected. Lounging back at home, however, I was surprised that my feet felt great!




Dubbed the Granite Peak Outsole, the tread of these hikers immediately inspires confidence. There is notable attention to the placement of each V-shaped tooth of the outsole. Each row of tread counter-faces the direction of the other, while each protrusion is shaped slightly differently to maximize its ability to hook the ground.


Oboz Bridger Mid Tread


The exterior tread does a great job of absorbing impacts and making sure you aren’t feeling the rocky terrain beneath your feet.




Warmth and breathability was one of my larger considerations when deciding between the Bridger Mid Waterproof and Bridger Vent Mid Waterproof. Since I was looking for a boot that would be a great option during colder conditions, I opted for the Bridger Mid Waterproof with a higher grain insulation.


Oboz Bridger Mid




The trail I tested these boots on was rocky and uneven, however each step felt deliberate and confident in my Bridgers. Despite misjudging a couple loose rocks, the excellent support the boots offered kept me from limping by the end of my day.



Where this boot really stands out is in the cooler weather of fall and spring seasons. While I wouldn't intentionally stomp into a foot of snow with just this pair on, I think it shines as a great go-to boot for a good hike where you may expect some pockets of mud, slush, or snow in those shady spots around the bend.


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