Need a Reason to Go Fishing? Here are 6 For You!

Posted by Tom Lucero | 03.21.2016


As the saying goes, “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.” Most people don’t need an excuse to go fishing - they just go. But in case you need to twist the arm of someone who’s not too thrilled on the idea of catching “the big one,” here are some reasons to go cast a line and go fishing.

Stress Relief - nothing beats a quiet afternoon (or morning) at the lake, hearing the wind rustle through the trees. Take some time off to relax while casting your worries into the water for a few hours. Fishing is such a great stress relief that many veterans have picked up fishing as a way to help them cope with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Time with Friends and Family - While waiting for the fish to bite, bond with friends and family. Fishing allows you to spend time with friends and family in an environment conducive to bonding.

Those with familiarity with fishing can benefit future generations of anglers. According to, a survey of anglers found that 38% of fishers were introduced to fishing from a parent, while 26% were introduced to the sport by a friend.

Bonding time doesn’t have to be all about catching up and getting to know your fishing buddies better. You can bond by turning the afternoon into a fun competition, seeing who can catch the most or biggest fish.

Time Away from the Screen - you can’t fish well with your head in your apps. Fishing is a time to disconnect from the smartphone and all its distractions. But be sure to store your phone in a nice waterproof case. You might need to take a picture of “the one” before it gets away!

Conservation: The money you spend on a fishing license is used to help preserve and maintain your favorite fishing spots, helping preserve these fishing spots for future generations.

Catch Your Dinner: When you live in a landlocked state, it’s not easy to get fresh fish from the market. Your catch will not only tastes phenomenal, but it is filled with lean protein, is low fat, and is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that can help reduce blood pressure and heart disease. Plus you caught your own dinner - how many people can say they did that today?

It’s Fun: If you needed another excuse, we’ll keep it simple - it’s fun! Nothing beats going out, throwing out a line, kicking the feet up and fishing.

No matter what your reason to go fishing, just go out and fish. When you’re ready to go, stop by your local Jax Outdoor Gear location for your tackle, bait, and licenses. Our friendly associates will even tell you some good spots to catch fish no matter your experience level.

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