Meet Marlo: New Jax Mercantile Mascot Announced!

Posted by Jax Mercantile | 04.10.2017

It's no secret that we love dogs at Jax. All of our stores and offices are dog-friendly, we keep dog treats behind our cashier counters, and our store in Ames, IA even has a greeter dog, Decoy. Dogs have long been part of the Jax history and culture, so when we decided it was time to change our mascot from Lucy the Goose, a Golden Retriever was the obvious choice.



"The Golden Retriever breed is widely known for the kind of friendliness and good will we would like ourselves, and all Jax employees, to exhibit with both our customers and staff," said Jim Quinlan, Jax Owner and President. "Many golden retrievers serve as hard-working companions, performing as guide dogs, field hunting dogs, and even as search and rescue dogs. They are loyal, devoted friends on any journey, and never afraid to have some playful fun! That seems like a good reflection of our company motto: Grown-Up and Still Having Fun."


The name Marlo was created by combining the first names of the company's two founders, Marvin and Lola Quinlan. Marvin and Lola first opened their store, "Ames Surplus" back in 1955, selling only army surplus that they had purchased at U.S. government surplus sales.


Back then, almost all their family outdoor gear was military surplus. They slept on army surplus air mattresses which were reliably flat by morning, in army surplus down mummy bags, which were sometimes warm, in large heavy military tents or smaller tents created from army surplus rain ponchos. Lola cooked the camp meals on open campfires and a small Coleman stove. Through these many years of adventures, all the Quinlan children developed a strong love of the outdoors. As teenagers with a bit of spending money from part-time jobs, they all discovered the joys of light-weight, high quality outdoor equipment.


Jim Quinlan, current Jax Owner and President, followed in his parents' footsteps by running the Ames store while in college, then opened his own surplus store at 272 North College in Fort Collins in 1983. In 1988 he moved from downtown and purchased the current Jax Outdoor Fort Collins location. The company has since continued to grow to include more quality products in more locations.

Our previous mascot, Lucy the goose, is happily enjoying her retirement after many great years of being the Jax mascot. We will always treasure Lucy as a very special piece of our history!

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