Make Your Impact with SAOLA Shoes

Posted by Julia Reinisch, Contributor | 04.15.2019




Supporting Wildlife Conservation


1% of SAOLA Shoe Purchases Goes to Wildlife Conservation Efforts





Named after one of the rarest animals on the planet, also known as the "Asian unicorn," SAOLA is dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation efforts with every shoe purchase. 








SAOLA's Conservation Story


After watching animals perish due to severe droughts and other environmental changes, Patrick Kilonzo founded the MWALUA WILDLIFE TRUST. The trust has helped many animals in the area, including elephants, buffalo, zebras, impala, and more by working with communities to raise awareness about conservation, to promote ecological restoration, and to increase ethical economic opportunities to protect Kenya’s nature and biodiversity.









For every SAOLA pair you purchase, 1% of the proceeds will support Patrick and his team. Find your pair of SAOLA's at JAX.

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