Make Camping a Blast with Nine Fun Gadgets for Kids

Posted by Carla Bamesberger | 05.17.2016

Kids love camping, and this outdoor activity offers a great way to bond and share an amazing family experience. Although many kids simply love the act of going camping, others might not enjoy it without fun camping-related items to enhance the experience. Here are ten of the most fun camping toys and gadgets to bring if you plan on camping with children.


1. Fire Fishin’— The Fire Fishin’ rod from Buggzy is a marshmallow/hotdog roaster designed like a fishing rod. This unique gadget hangs your food from a hinged metal rod extending from a fishing pole-like holder. After sharpening your flipping skills, you can flip your food with a flick of the wrist as you might to set the hook in a fish’s mouth! Available at your local JAX Outdoor Gear location.




2. Stuffin’ Mallows— Not all marshmallows are created equal. These Fort Collins-local marshmallow treats knock chocolate bars off of your packing list. Every marshmallow contains bits of chocolate, mint, or peanut butter (depending on the flavor you choose) that melt inside as they toast. These gooey treats make s’mores a breeze. Available at your local JAX Outdoor Gear location.




3. Reel Roaster— Where Fire Fishin’ eliminates the need to stand close to the campfire, some people like that experience. The Reel Roaster from Hogwild allows you to stay close to the flames while still using a playful fishing rod-shaped roaster. This product spins your marshmallows for an even golden toasting all the way around. Available at your local JAX Outdoor Gear location.




4. Telescopes— If you want to turn your camping expedition into an educational tour, pack along any of the amazing telescopes from Scientific Explorer. These science toys will introduce your kids to the nighttime sky far from the pollution of city lights. Available at your local JAX Outdoor Gear location.


5. Bug Collecting Tools— Your camping adventure might also include insect education. You and your kids can learn all about the local insect life with bug catching tools from Scientific Explorer. Available at your local JAX Outdoor Gear - Ranch & Home location.


6. Astronaut Ice Cream— If you or your children have ever wanted to know what astronauts eat for dessert, you’ll all love freeze-dried ice cream. Mountain House offers a Neapolitan flavor, as well as an ice cream sandwich. These unique morsels taste surprisingly like ice cream without the danger of melting.


7. Camp Trivia Game— What’s a group of bears called? If you don’t know, you’ll learn a lot from Education Outdoors’s Camp game, a nature-themed trivia game that will have your whole family competing to learn more about the natural world.


8. Ice Cream Ball— What could be more fun than making your very own homemade ice cream at camp? With the Yaylabs! Ice Cream Ball, you can pack the handful of ingredients needed for ice cream, pour them into the ball, and play a game of ice cream kick ball to shake it all up. Available at your local JAX Outdoor Gear location.



9. LED Tent— If your kids are afraid of the dark, or just like lights in unusual places, you’ll love the MtnGlo tents from Big Agnes. These Colorado-local tents have LED lights running through them to light your night time activities. Backpackers will also enjoy these lightweight tents. Big Agnes also sells tent LEDs that you can hang in your tent if your family already owns a tent.


Fun is an important part of building strong family bonds. If you’re looking for fun new camping accessories to enrich your children’s camping experience, please visit You can also stop into a store near you to see what we have in stock.

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