Good as Gold: JAX Lafayette Awarded Gold in Green Business Program

Posted by Julia Reinisch, Contributor | 04.16.2019



JAX Lafayette Outdoor Gear's store manager Mike DeSmith and kitchen & camping department manager, Erik Van Lieu display the store's Gold in Green Business awards from 2018 and 2019.



JAX Lafayette Outdoor Gear received Gold in the 2019 Lafayette Green Business program by demonstrating a dedication to caring for customers and pursuing sustainable practices that support the health, environment, and economy of the local community. This is the fourth year in a row that the store has been recognized with this award.



Good As Gold



"We've made it a priority to recycle as much as we can, from cardboard and plastic to tissue paper and baling twine," shared Mike DeSmith, store manager at JAX Lafayette Outdoor Gear. "Right now I'd estimate that over 50% of packaging materials that come in our doors are recycled or repurposed in some way."


It's not just the JAX team members who are getting involved, they're encouraging anyone who shops there to participate in conservation. "We host events that focus on recycling and repurposing, such as making ornaments with recycled materials and creating displays that are made completely out of recycled materials," relayed Kathryn Westphal, the assistant store manager at JAX Lafayette Outdoor Gear. "We also try to let our customers know about our recycling programs and encourage them to bring items for our co-mingle recycling bin."




JAX Lafayette Outdoor Gear was recognized with Gold Level Achievement for the fourth year in a row in the Lafayette Green Business program.



These efforts stem from a shared, companywide value to conserve resources. "We try to consider environmental impacts and conservation in all of our operational decisions, from lighting, heating, recycling, and waste reduction to product selection and even donation requests," said Susan Quinlan, conservation manager at JAX. "Rather than building new structures, JAX chooses to purchase and refurbish existing buildings. When we purchased the Jax Outdoor Gear Lafayette building, we retrofitted the lighting system to the most energy-efficient fixtures available at the time."


She continued, "We also installed innovative window art in the large front windows to reduce our energy use for air conditioning and worked with NRG to install an electric vehicle charging station for the public on site. JAX also offers incentives for our employees to bike, walk, carpool, or take mass transit to and from work.”


It's one thing for a company to say that it values conservation, but what does it take for a business to be operating sustainably? "It takes the involvement of our whole team to make us a greener business. We've cultivated a culture in our store and among our team members where recycling is important," said DeSmith. "We even have some employees who've been known to do a little 'dumpster diving' to pull out aluminum cans and other recyclables from our trash."


Westphal agreed, "You'd be surprised to find what you can do with items a retail store would normally throw out. For example, the tissue paper we receive from shoes works great for cleaning mirrors!"


Learn more about other conservation efforts at JAX





About the Lafayette Green Business Recognition Program


The City of Lafayette’s Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee (LESAC) has launched its sixth annual Green Business Recognition Program to distinguish businesses taking steps toward sustainability. In 2019, 32 Lafayette businesses took advantage of the free resources and support available to help lower operating expenses while saving energy and water, reducing waste and encouraging more sustainable transportation. These businesses also received valuable publicity for their efforts with additional local newspaper ads featuring participating businesses.  

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