#GirlPower Cross-Country Ski Trip | Courtney's Perspective

Posted by Courtney Anderson | 02.07.2017

Doing a new outdoor activity can be nerve-racking! As an employee at Jax, I get opportunities to try new things all the time. This time it was traveling to Gould, Colorado and staying in a yurt to do some back country skiing. Annemarie, a colleague at Jax set the trip up and was our own personal guide. Her back country experience was super handy and she made Dawn and I feel at ease.



The yurt was very accommodating. There was a wood burning stove, a bed and a couple of cots. There was a propane stove and a few handy kitchen items. The kitchen table was a nice place to gather to eat and play games. We went to bed early to get a nice start to our next day.



We woke up to it snowing and got ourselves ready for the day. Extra layers, snacks, camera, lip protection, TP, glasses and maps (all can be found at Jax!) were some of the few things in our backpacks. There were trails close by with a parking lot and outhouses.


The snow was perfect! Soft, fluffy and fresh! What an amazing time with friends and Mother Nature. Not to mention- the great workout!



The trip was coming to an end and the ride home was quiet. The awe of how much snow this season was bringing along with our new experiences put us in a reflective frame of mind. It was the perfect two day getaway! Already making plans for our next new adventure!




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