Gifts for Parents Traveling with Children

Posted by Weston Joslyn, Contributor | 12.11.2019


It’s no secret that traveling with anyone can be a challenge. This is especially true for brave parents on the road with children. Keeping young minds occupied, along with readily available snacks and activities can make all the difference. Depending on preparation, your journey could be a relaxing car ride or a stressful shouting session that undoubtedly ends with “don’t make me pull this car over and come back there”.


Check out some of our favorite picks from JAX parents to help keep your little ones having a blast until your eagerly awaited destination.




KidzLabs X-Ray Projector

KidzLabs X-Ray Projector


Everyone loves finding something hidden, especially your inquisitive kids. Perfect for engaging kids at a hotel or campsite, this cool flashlight reveals 8 different X-rays to project. This device doesn’t have multiple parts to keep track of and allows children to expand their understanding of the human skeleton in a fun way.






What Do You Know Bingo

What Do You Know Bingo | eeBoo


Beautifully illustrated by Melissa Sweet, this animal themed Bingo game engages children to test their knowledge through a fun, scientific matching game. Besides, who doesn’t love filling up their board and letting out a satisfying “BINGO”!




Hydro Flask | JAX Goods


Spill-proof Drinkware

Kids with Hydro Flasks


Hook kids up with their very own colorful, safe, durable, and (most importantly) spill-proof drinkware. These assorted styles offer age-appropriate bottles, perfect for little hands. Sport cap and wide mouth straw options allow you to match up a lid that fits your child’s comfort level. Sporting the same amazing double wall vacuum insulation as bigger models, their drinks will stay cold or warm through hours of playground time or long car rides.




Goal Zero


Flip 30 Recharger

Goal Zero Flip 30 Recharger


While we always recommend a healthy amount of outdoor play in between screen time, sometimes the situation calls for an educational tablet game or e-reader children’s book. The indispensable Flip Chargers have you covered, and are a great companion to give your devices a boost of juice while driving or waiting in the line to check in at a hotel.






Lunchbox Coolers

Lunchbox Coolers


A readily available healthy snack is sometimes the only thing that saves you from a fast-approaching tantrum. When travelling, it isn’t always convenient to find a rest stop so you can search through a large cooler packed with provisions for an extended journey. Reach for a quality Packit Lunch Bag to ensure your kids have fresh options nearby to chomp on when the need arises (again and again).




House of Marbles


Junior Binoculars

House of Marbles Junior Binoculars


Great for junior secret agents, budding birdwatchers, and all around young explorers. These binoculars are easy to use and perfect for empowering your little adventurers to peer through their lenses and see all the world (or backseat window) has instore.


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