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Fort Collins Audubon Society Scholarship 2021 The mission of the Fort Collins Audubon society is to promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems focusing on birds and other wildlife – through education, participation, stewardship, and advocacy. Read More
THE STAUB COOKBOOK: No-Knead Cast-Iron Bread This no-knead bread is inspired by an original recipe from Jim Lahey, the bread maestro behind New York City’s Sullivan Street Bakery. Even the most intimidated baker can feel confident using Lahey’s method, which requires little work but a bit of time. Read More Ashley Vander Meeden, Contributor
5 Gifts For The Food Lovers In Your Life (Or To Wow Your Host) Give the foodies in your life a special treat this holiday season with these 5 gifts that make entertaining fun! Plus, come prepared to all your holiday gatherings with the perfect hostess gift. Read More Sara Scott, Contributor
Your Fall Yard & Garden - What To Do After Frost Fall is in full swing on the Front Range, and winter is right around the corner! That means it’s officially time for cozy fires, hot drinks, football games, and gathering with friends and family. It also means we’re in for frosty nights and the waning of our lovely summer yards & gardens. Read More Alex Jeffers, Contributor
DIY Two-Ingredient Hummingbird Nectar Attract hummingbirds and songbirds to your yard with natural food that you can make at home—and with only two ingredients! Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
Getting Started with Composting Learn how to turn your trash and food scraps into nutrient-rich soil, perfect for your spring flower or vegetable garden. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
5 Reasons Why You Should Landscape Your Yard or Garden with Colorado Native Plants Most of our beautiful flower gardens, and even many of the shrubs and trees in our yards, don’t provide habitat for wildlife because the majority of plants most of us are growing are non-native. Wildlife biologist and conservation manager at JAX, Susan Quinlan explains why native plant landscaping is beneficial for Colorado residents. Read More Susan Quinlan, JAX Conservation Manager
Recipe: Breakfast Dutch Baby The Dutch Baby is a quick dish that’s as fun to watch puff up in the oven as it is to eat. It's completely customizable so you can make it sweet with fruit or savory by topping it with mixed veggies and cheese. Read More Julia Reinisch, Lead Content Strategist at JAX
Are You Prepared for Winter Travel? Learn how to create your own car winter emergency kit so you can be safe and confident when traveling along roads of all weather conditions. Read More Julia Reinisch, Lead Content Strategist at JAX
Morel Mushrooms in Iowa: Hunting a Springtime Delicacy With warmer temperatures, soil conditions change and one result is the growth of the highly sought-after Morel mushroom.  Morels have long been a springtime staple in Iowa, and as regular mushroom hunters will tell you, they are unpredictable, elusive, and entirely worth the hours spent hiking and searching for them. Read More Stacy Brothers, Marketing & Bookkeeper at JAX
Enjoy the Benefits of Colorado Local Honey Honey adds the perfect dash of sweet to any dessert, breakfast, or hot tea. This golden treasure offers more than just flavor, however. Even people in ancient times understood the plentiful health benefits of this naturally antibacterial and antifungal treat. Read More Carla Bamesberger
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