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Hiker's How To: Proper Etiquette for Your Colorado Trail Adventures Colorado was named the #1 state in the U.S. for hiking—which makes it a popular destination for adventurers from all over. Learn from Colorado Parks and Wildlife about the trail etiquette you should know before heading out on a Colorado hike.  Read More Bill Vogrin, Public Information Officer at Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Quiz: What bike style should I get? There’s nothing quite like the freedom you feel while riding a bike. If you’re thinking about getting a bike, take this quiz to find out what kind of bike may be best for you. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
Getting Started with Composting Learn how to turn your trash and food scraps into nutrient-rich soil, perfect for your spring flower or vegetable garden. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
5 Reasons Why You Should Landscape Your Yard or Garden with Colorado Native Plants Most of our beautiful flower gardens, and even many of the shrubs and trees in our yards, don’t provide habitat for wildlife because the majority of plants most of us are growing are non-native. Wildlife biologist and conservation manager at JAX, Susan Quinlan explains why native plant landscaping is beneficial for Colorado residents. Read More Susan Quinlan, JAX Conservation Manager
Recipe: Breakfast Dutch Baby The Dutch Baby is a quick dish that’s as fun to watch puff up in the oven as it is to eat. It's completely customizable so you can make it sweet with fruit or savory by topping it with mixed veggies and cheese. Read More Julia Reinisch, Lead Content Strategist at JAX
Are You Prepared for Winter Travel? Learn how to create your own car winter emergency kit so you can be safe and confident when traveling along roads of all weather conditions. Read More Julia Reinisch, Lead Content Strategist at JAX
Paddle Boarding Basics As the heat begins to climb, stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to stay cool with your friends and family. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or looking for a new summer activity, paddle boarding provides the fun and excitement your summer needs! Read More Taylor Music
Outdoor Adventures in Colorado for the Whole Family Are you looking for the perfect outdoor activity for your family this summer? Something that not only your kids will love, but that you’ll enjoy too. We’ve partnered up with Northern Colorado’s local and family-owned JAX Mercantile Co. to get you prepared for your family’s next outdoor adventure.
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The Right Gear to Protect You and Your Family from Zika Virus For years, we’ve learned to be vigilant of insect bites, primarily from mosquitoes, because of the potential in transmitting diseases such as West Nile Virus and malaria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned of the increase of Zika virus. Read More Tom Lucero
Why UV Filters are Important Jim in our Optics department, we're always happy to help! Read More Jim Rydbom
Six Reasons to Make Yoga Part of Your Life Everyone has that one friend who encourages them to eat healthier, drink detox smoothies, and get in touch with their inner spiritual yogi. That friend probably uses every opportunity to tell you about how this sport rejuvenates your mind, detoxes your body, and helps you look slimmer. Read More Carla Bamesberger
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