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A Beginner's Guide to Climbing Gear If you’re brand new to the world climbing, shopping for gear can begin to feel like an overwhelming task. Not only is there an endless range of gear- from brands, to styles, to different types of equipment, but also a hefty price tag attached. The good news is, we’re experts at this whole thing, so we’re here tell you exactly what you need to start, and what you can hold off on. Read More Hannah Kutner, Contributor
5 Tips to Train Your Dog January is National Train Your Dog Month! Whether you’re just starting to train a new puppy or you’re thinking about teaching your old dog some new tricks, we have 5 helpful tips. Read More Sara Scott, Contributor
Run Streak I like setting goals. And even more so, I like completing goals. They motivate me. Whether in my personal or professional life, I'm the type of person that loves to check things off a list (though I do it digitally now). Read More Ashley Vander Meeden, Contributor
Hiker's How To: Proper Etiquette for Your Colorado Trail Adventures Colorado was named the #1 state in the U.S. for hiking—which makes it a popular destination for adventurers from all over. Learn from Colorado Parks and Wildlife about the trail etiquette you should know before heading out on a Colorado hike.  Read More Bill Vogrin, Public Information Officer at Colorado Parks and Wildlife
We Now Carry Specialized Bikes! Our newest full-service bike shop opened at our Fort Collins Outdoor Gear store.  Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
50 Ways Exploring the Outdoors Can Make Your Family Healthier It's no secret that spending time in the outdoors can be refreshing, but what benefits can it bring to your family? Learn about ways you can make the most of spending time outside with your kids. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
Quiz: What bike style should I get? There’s nothing quite like the freedom you feel while riding a bike. If you’re thinking about getting a bike, take this quiz to find out what kind of bike may be best for you. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
The Science Behind Catching More Fish Did you know that you can increase your chances of catching fish by learning how air temperatures, water temperatures, and geological conditions, and life cycles affect the insects seen naturally in a habitat? Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
Make Your Impact with SAOLA Shoes A spotlight on SAOLA shoes and their dedication to wildlife conservation. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
An Adventurer's Guide to Protecting the Outdoors Learn how to minimize your harmful impact on the outdoors with steps that are unique to the activities you love. Read More Julia Reinisch, Contributor
JAX Angler Wins 1st Place in Three Lakes Fishing Tournament “I remember us going on a camping trip, and I’d never gone fishing before. They taught us how to set up our rods and I launched my first few casts. I eventually hooked my very first rainbow trout, and in that moment, I knew that I loved it,” commented Wood. Read More Julia Reinisch, Lead Content Strategist at JAX
My First Snowshoeing Trip - Part I: Gearing Up The first stop for this would-be adventurer is the JAX Coffee Bar to complete my morning routine! I followed the courteous directions over to the Climbing and Camping Department of JAX, where the Rental equipment and desk can be found. Read More
Paddle Boarding Basics As the heat begins to climb, stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to stay cool with your friends and family. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or looking for a new summer activity, paddle boarding provides the fun and excitement your summer needs! Read More Taylor Music
Outdoor Adventures in Colorado for the Whole Family Are you looking for the perfect outdoor activity for your family this summer? Something that not only your kids will love, but that you’ll enjoy too. We’ve partnered up with Northern Colorado’s local and family-owned JAX Mercantile Co. to get you prepared for your family’s next outdoor adventure.
Read More Taylor Music
Becoming a Bone Collector With spring comes a great outdoor activity – shed hunting, and as just about anyone who's done it will tell you, it's almost as addictive as hunting itself. Read More Stacy Brothers
My First Snowshoe Trip - Part II Awaking to a message that my cousin (adventure chaperone for the day) was on his way, I quickly began shoving gear into my pack. I had stayed up past midnight with an assortment of everything camping and survival gear that I owned, now scattered across my living room floor. Read More
#GirlPower Cross-Country Ski Trip | Courtney's Perspective Doing a new outdoor activity can be nerve-racking! As an employee at Jax, I get opportunities to try new things all the time. This time it was traveling to Gould, Colorado and staying in a yurt to do some back country skiing. Read More Courtney Anderson
#GirlPower Jax Cross-Country Ski Trip | Annemarie's Perspective Renting gear from Jax was really easy, and affordable. We offer snowshoe and cross country ski rentals for all ages and abilities. Both sports are easy to try out on your own, although cross country skiing takes a little more balance than snowshoeing. Read More Annemarie
5 Gifts That Give Back to Those in Need It is the season of giving! Or is it the season that keeps on giving? These five brands that can be found at Jax are aiming to make sure the giving continues long past the holiday season. Yes, you CAN make a difference and help those in need, just by doing your holiday shopping this year! Read More Jax Mercantile
Make Camping a Blast with Nine Fun Gadgets for Kids Kids love camping, and this outdoor activity offers a great way to bond and share an amazing family experience. Although many kids simply love the act of going camping, others might not enjoy it without fun camping-related items to enhance the experience. Here are ten of the most fun camping toys and gadgets to bring if you plan on camping with children. Read More Carla Bamesberger
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