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Fly Fishing 101: The Knowledge and Gear to Get Going It is said that fly fishing takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master. This means you have the rest of your life to look forward to exploring rivers and streams mastering the nuances of fly fishing. Indeed, fly fishing is one of those great sports where all you need to do to be an angler is to fish. But for the uninitiated, this can be a huge hurdle. Fly fishing can be as complex or simple as one wants to make it. We’re here to help with a little fly fishing 101 tutorial. In this blog, we will outline some of the basics of fly fishing along with the gear, tools, and resources to get started.     Read More David Young, Contributor
Summer Backyard Essentials - Outdoor Power Equipment With warm weather comes the time for home renovations, landscaping, and backyard events! Power Equipment tools are your best friend all summer- from leaf blowers, to chainsaws, to power washers. We wanted to highlight our favorites from STIHL, CUB CADET, HONDA, and GENERAC for this summer. Read More Hannah Kutner, Contributor
Gozney Pizza Oven If you want to take your pizza making skills to the next level, look no further than the Gozney Pizza Oven. All Gozney pizza ovens are professional grade and designed without compromise. What sets Gozney apart is that they originally sold commercial grade pizza ovens! Using the same technology and materials as their professional ovens, they shrunk the oven into a simple to use and portable package - that’s how the Roccbox was born.   Read More Hannah Kutner, Contributor
Leave No Trace: The 7 Principles As lovers of the outdoors, it’s important to preserve and protect nature. Leaving No Trace helps minimize the impact on plants, animals, and entire ecosystems. These practices should be applied in all outdoor environments, so we can keep our planet safe, and preserve its beauty. These principles were established by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Read More Hannah Kutner, Contributor
Spring Means Fly Fishing Time

Fly fishing is the art of doing everything and nothing all at once. It is a sport that requires you to always be present casting, mending, and changing up flies. Yet, Despite all this, you can spend all day on the river and not catch a thing. Regardless, a day spent fly fishing is always a good day. 


With that in mind, spring has arrived which means that warm sunny days are ripe for pulling out the fly rod and heading down to your favorite river or stream to knock the winter’s rust off and get a few casts in the water.   Read More David Young, Contributor

A Beginner's Guide to Climbing Gear If you’re brand new to the world climbing, shopping for gear can begin to feel like an overwhelming task. Not only is there an endless range of gear- from brands, to styles, to different types of equipment, but also a hefty price tag attached. The good news is, we’re experts at this whole thing, so we’re here tell you exactly what you need to start, and what you can hold off on. Read More Hannah Kutner, Contributor
Understanding The Feeding Of Young Horses Is there anything more beautiful than watching a group of young horses running together out in a field on a crisp spring morning? Since the beginning of time of raising horses, the question that has been asked is: "what do we need to do to allow these majestic animals to grow to their optimal potential?" Our job as their nutritional stewards is to develop the best feeding program we can, and that boils down to a three-phase plan. Part one is determining the nutritional needs of each individual horse based on their size and activity level. Part two is understanding the type and quality of forages each horse is consuming. Part three is finding a high-quality Hubbard feed that compliments the forages being fed, ensuring each horse gets everything they need without wasting money on things they do not. Read More Dr. Ed Bonnette, PhD
4-H Carnival & Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queen As an eleven year 4-H veteran, I look back over my years of events and remember the Larimer County 4-H Carnival as one of my favorite fun events. It was a special time spent socializing with the community. This year, the 4-H Carnival will be held on March 5th at the First National Bank Building at The Ranch Complex, and once again will be attending, but this year not as a 4-H member. My name is Morgan Crouse and I am the 2022 Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queen and I plan on strolling around, smiling like a kid, and visiting with everyone at this year’s 4-H Carnival! I must be honest, it really is a blast. This amazing event is packed with joy and laughter for all ages. Read More Morgan Crouse, Contributor
JAX Yard & Garden Guide To Watering Plants No matter what color your thumb, you likely already know that all plants need water to reach their full potential. But what you might not know is that incorrect watering techniques can put plants at risk for disease and even kill them. Following these best and worst practices for watering plants indoors and out will help eliminate the guess work of keeping plants happy and health. Read More JAX Yard & Garden
Five Great Places to Snowshoe in Northern Colorado Snowshoeing is one of the best winter sports and workouts that oftentimes gets overlooked for more adrenaline-packed sports like skiing and snowboarding. Nonetheless, snowshoeing through a quiet forest filled with fresh snow is one of the most amazing outdoor experiences to be had.  Read More David Young, Contributor
Emergency Vehicle Safety Checklist Because you never know when you will encounter winter weather or an emergency road closure. Read and download our Emergency Checklist to keep in your Vehicle. Read More Weston Joslyn, Contributor
Oboz Men's Bridger Mid Waterproof: First Impressions Check out our first impressions and favorite features of the Oboz Bridger Mid Waterproof Boot. Find out what makes this hiking boot a great option for encountering a range of terrain and weather on the trail. Read More Weston Joslyn, Contributor
Fort Collins Audubon Society Scholarship 2021 The mission of the Fort Collins Audubon society is to promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems focusing on birds and other wildlife – through education, participation, stewardship, and advocacy. Read More
Ecuador Running Vacation Like everyone, I've been missing travel this last year. I've ran seemingly all over the place, but there is something magical about exploring a new country from a trail. I can't wait to get a trip on the schedule, but in the meantime, I'll reminisce about past adventures and keep running out my front door. Read More Ashley Vander Meeden, Contributor
Round Up Organizations JAX will be donating round up donations to the following non-profit organizations. These organizations make a difference in the lives of people in our communities, as well as important conservation issues locally, regionally, and across the globe. Read More JAX Team
Loveland West Renovation - Recycling Since 1955 JAX is proud to reduce our environmental impact by recycling and reusing as many materials as possible during both our day to day business, as well as in the opening of new store locations. Our newest location in Loveland, located in the former Kmart building has a wide range of materials that were reused to transform the space. Read More Ashley Vander Meeden, Contributor
THE STAUB COOKBOOK: No-Knead Cast-Iron Bread This no-knead bread is inspired by an original recipe from Jim Lahey, the bread maestro behind New York City’s Sullivan Street Bakery. Even the most intimidated baker can feel confident using Lahey’s method, which requires little work but a bit of time. Read More Ashley Vander Meeden, Contributor
5 Tips to Train Your Dog January is National Train Your Dog Month! Whether you’re just starting to train a new puppy or you’re thinking about teaching your old dog some new tricks, we have 5 helpful tips. Read More Sara Scott, Contributor
Run Streak I like setting goals. And even more so, I like completing goals. They motivate me. Whether in my personal or professional life, I'm the type of person that loves to check things off a list (though I do it digitally now). Read More Ashley Vander Meeden, Contributor
Gifts for Parents Traveling with Children It’s no secret that traveling with anyone can be a challenge. This is especially true for brave parents on the road with children. Keeping young minds occupied, along with readily available snacks and activities can make all the difference. Read More Weston Joslyn, Contributor
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