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Why UV Filters are Important Jim in our Optics department, we're always happy to help! Read More Jim Rydbom
Ten Reasons You Need a Pair of Chaco Sandals While traveling to Minnesota for a family event, I noticed something strange: a disturbing lack of Chacos. In Colorado, it seems like warm weather causes every other person you meet to throw a pair of these outstanding sandals. Not in Minnesota, it would seem. Read More Carla Bamesberger
Need a Reason to Go Fishing? Here are 6 For You! As the saying goes, “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.” Most people don’t need an excuse to go fishing - they just go. But in case you need to twist the arm of someone who’s not too thrilled on the idea of catching “the big one,” here are some reasons to go cast a line and go fishing. Read More Tom Lucero
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