Always Travel with Happy Feet

Posted by Carla Bamesberger | 02.15.2016

Your travels can keep you close to home or take you overseas. The right footwear will make you ready for anything your trip has to offer. Whether you’re strolling the bright streets of Paris, climbing the loose rocky paths of Mt. Fuji, or hiking dirt trails in California’s Rainbow Basin Natural Area, you need to have happy feet.



The Airport


There’s nothing more trying than airport security on your way to catch your flight. Many airports even ask you to remove your shoes before passing through the checkpoint. Wearing slip-on shoes on the day of your flight can help reduce a lot of headache. Toms makes trendy cloth slip-ons that easily stow away in your suitcase when you’re not wearing them later on. Toms work great if you’re staying close to home and just need something light for the airport, but don’t offer much arch support for extended periods of walking.

If you intend to get the most out of everything that you pack, you might want something that doubles as general footwear for the rest of your trip. You can choose Olukai as a more versatile airport option. Like Toms, these products slip on and off easily, but offer comfortable arch support for extended walking. As an added bonus, the backs collapse to give you the option to go backless.


Simplify Your Hotel Stay


You don’t realize how often you go in and out of your hotel room until you have stopped to tie your laces for the sixth time. Having a pair of slip-ons such as Toms can make traversing your hotel easier. If you enjoy hitting the hotel pool or hot tub facilities, you might consider bringing a pair of flip-flops for this purpose instead. Flip-flops also protect your feet from fungi dwelling on the pool room floor. Olukai makes an outstanding line of flip-flops that offer arch support for extended walking comfort if you want to use them as your hot-day shoes.


Outdoor Adventures Abound


Many outdoor enthusiasts travel in order to reach new natural areas to explore. The Coburn and Sugarpine light hikers from Ahnu offer travelers all-terrain comfort. These hikers use revolutionary waterproofing technology designed to be more breathable, leaving you ready for wet or hot conditions. These hikers also look more dressy than other hiking boots, making them ideal for the traveler who might have an impromptu dinner date in the city after a full day spent working up an appetite.


You might also consider the versatile, rugged footwear from Chaco. This company produces highly performing hikers that look great, but are best known for their sandals. These go-anywhere sandals, originally designed for river sports, have found their way into multiple outdoor activities. These sandals employ some of the finest arch support around, and use non-slip soles to help you in any outdoor adventure. After you’re done playing, you can count on Chacos to continue looking great as you slip into something a little dressier for fun in town.

City Comfort


Not everyone travels for outdoor adventure. Many of us simply want to see new sites and visit new places. If you’re planning a journey that will keep you mostly within the comfortable embrace of city life, you’ll want more contemporary options. Naot and Jambu footwear is popular among women traveling to Europe and similar destinations due to their trendy style and long-lasting comfort. These shoes will match almost any outfit, whether you’re looking for casual or dressy.


Arch Support


Wearing shoes with no arch support can hurt your back and turn every day of your trip into an uncomfortable ordeal. For a more supportive option, try on a pair of Vionics. Whether you put on their fashionable tennis shoes or their colorful flip-flops, your feet will thank you for Vionic. This comfort-oriented company equips their footwear with quality orthotic insoles so that your feet are the furthest thing from your mind.


Pro Packing Tip: Use a cloth bag such as a reusable grocery bag or pillowcase to put your shoes in before storing them in your suitcase. Doing so will protect your clothing and other belongings from the grime you pick up along the way.


If you have travel plans in your near future, now’s the time for a nice pair of new shoes. You will want plenty of time to break them in before you depart so that you can avoid painful hotspots and blisters. For more information about finding the right footwear for you, please stop by a Jax location near you. You can also visit to see what we have in stock.

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