4-H Carnival & Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queen

Posted by Morgan Crouse, Contributor | 03.03.2022


As an eleven year 4-H veteran, I look back over my years of events and remember the Larimer County 4-H Carnival as one of my favorite fun events. It was a special time spent socializing with the community. This year, the 4-H Carnival will be held on March 5th at the First National Bank Building at The Ranch Complex, and once again will be attending, but this year not as a 4-H member. My name is Morgan Crouse and I am the 2022 Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queen and I plan on strolling around, smiling like a kid, and visiting with everyone at this year’s 4-H Carnival! I must be honest, it really is a blast. This amazing event is packed with joy and laughter for all ages.


When I think about what this 4-H Carnival means to me, it reminds me of all the years I spent working on the Carnival Committee within my 4-H Club, the Desperados. Hours of commitment to planning, creating, and working as a team with my fellow club members to plan our booth taught me skills I will use for a lifetime. All that led to the excitement to sign-up and work on the big day! I loved helping the little kids play the games at our booth and giving them a prize. They were always so happy.


At first, the big room would have a soft buzz as people started to arrive and the games would get underway. Children would begin laughing and slowly the sounds from bells and buzzers would get louder. Before you knew it, the place would be full of excited faces, the smell of popcorn filling the room and the positive energy you felt! Everywhere you looked people were having fun. I want others in our community to know that there are still events that exist where you can experience an inclusive atmosphere and simple joy. 


Going into 4-H Carnival on March 5th and having my own booth is such a surreal moment for me. I grew up seeing the Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo Queens as role models and dreaming of being where I am now. Now I am that role model for younger generations who want to help preserve the love of family, agriculture, and western heritage just as much as I do. Seeing so many young faces at the 4-H Carnival will brighten my day knowing that they look up to me just like I did at their age.


I am so thankful for the incredible support I receive from not only my friends and family, but also my amazing sponsors. The contributions my sponsors have given me help my year run smoothly. JAX Farm & Ranch has been a strong ongoing supporter as our official clothing sponsor and keep me looking my best. JAX also supports our 4-H youth and the Larimer County Fair.

Please come see me at the 4-H Carnival and let me know if you are enjoying your day as much as I am!

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