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CLIMB Farm-Raised Chicken & Turkey Meal

Wildology CLIMB Farm-Raised Chicken & Turkey Meal $21.99
PLAY Chicken & Rice Puppy Food Recipe

Wildology PLAY Chicken & Rice Puppy Food Recipe $21.99

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At Wildology, we ask ourselves “What is a super life for a pet?” It’s doing what they love to do best - fetching, playing, running, hiking, chasing and climbing.

First and foremost, a happy pet is a healthy pet. Full of energy, joy and love for you. We care that your pet is at his best, every single day, which is why we developed Wildology - our Super Premium dog and cat food filled with all the good stuff, and none of the Junk! So now you and your pet can experience the SUPERLIFE!

Wildology™ is the only brand of pet food with Superlife PRO™.

Superlife Pro | WildologyTo give your pet the ultimate nourishment, we worked with experts in canine nutrition to develop a patent-pending, guaranteed live, probiotic blend with superfoods, SUPERLIFE PRO. Our probiotics help by supporting the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut - a key component in supporting overall wellness. We also included superfoods like kale, chia seeds, pumpkin, blueberries, and coconut, rich in nutrients and antioxidants , to support whole body health and the immune system. SUPERLIFE PRO gives your pet the boost he needs to feel truly healthy and happy.

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