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Sockwell Jasmin $20.00

Sockwell SkinnyMin $20.00
Women's Botanical

Sockwell Women's Botanical $30.00  NOW $15.00
Women's CirculatoW

Sockwell Women's CirculatoW $30.00
Men's Audubon

Sockwell Men's Audubon $20.00
Women's Plush

Sockwell Women's Plush $22.00
Women's CirculatoW

Sockwell Women's CirculatoW $30.00

Sockwell SkinnyMin $20.00
Women's OntheSpot

Sockwell Women's OntheSpot $30.00

Sockwell ElevatioW $30.00

Sockwell Tigress $30.00
Women's CirculatoW

Sockwell Women's CirculatoW $30.00
Women's PlantarCCW

Sockwell Women's PlantarCCW $24.00
Women's CirculatoW

Sockwell Women's CirculatoW $30.00

Sockwell FullFlatte $26.99  NOW $13.50

Sockwell Chevron $30.00
New Leaf

Sockwell New Leaf $30.00
Women's BunionCrew

Sockwell Women's BunionCrew $24.00
Women's EasyDoesW

Sockwell Women's EasyDoesW $20.00

Sockwell Damask $30.00

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Items per page: 20 40 60


At Sockwell, we stand for wellness. We’ve reinvented the therapeutic sock by spinning innovative technology with modern styling for a lifestyle look. Our collection offers a variety of solutions including graduated compression, plantar fasciitis relief, bunion relief, relaxed fit/diabetic friendly, sport compression, and everyday essentials.



All Sockwell socks are made in the USA and sustainably sourced. When making socks, we care for you and we care for the planet. We believe in homegrown, consciously crafted products, so our socks are all made in American knitting mills. We are committed to supporting American farmers who care for free-grazing Rambouillet merino sheep across the mountain West. Homegrown fibers minimize our carbon footprint and choosing renewable materials is a sign of our commitment towards sustainability.

As yarn architects, our socks are consciously crafted with American wool-based yarns like our Fine Merino Wool/Bamboo and Lambswool/Alpaca blends. This signature fiber blends balance durability and thermoregulation with environmental friendliness.

Our Graduated Compression socks energize your step, promote circulation, minimize swelling, reduce fatigue, and speed up recovery – in patterns and colors that look great. Feel better in style with Sockwell socks!


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Customer Service: (970) 488-3250 EXT 1 Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm MTN                  WE'RE HIRING!