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Women's Nonohe Sandal

OluKai Women's Nonohe Sandal $80.00
Men's Nohea Mesh Shoe

OluKai Men's Nohea Mesh Shoe $89.99 to $90.00
Men's Hokua Mesh Sandal

OluKai Men's Hokua Mesh Sandal $74.99 to $75.00
Men's Lea`Ahi Shoe

OluKai Men's Lea`Ahi Shoe $94.99 to $95.00
Kaula Olu Ili Shoe

OluKai Kaula Olu Ili Shoe $120.00
Women's Ohana Sandal

OluKai Women's Ohana Sandal $35.00 to $70.00
Men's Ohana Koa Sandal

OluKai Men's Ohana Koa Sandal $70.00
Women's Pehuea Li Shoe S19

OluKai Women's Pehuea Li Shoe S19 $99.99
Women's Pehuea Leather Shoe

OluKai Women's Pehuea Leather Shoe $99.99 to $100.00
Women's Hawai?iloa Manu Hope Boot

OluKai Women's Hawai?iloa Manu Hope Boot $150.00  NOW $105.00
Men's Mio Li Sneaker

OluKai Men's Mio Li Sneaker $130.00
Women's Ho'opio Sandal

OluKai Women's Ho'opio Sandal $64.99  NOW $32.50
Women's ‘Upena Sandal

OluKai Women's ‘Upena Sandal $90.00
Women's Kaekae Ko‘o Sandal

OluKai Women's Kaekae Ko‘o Sandal $90.00
Women's Ke‘a Sandal

OluKai Women's Ke‘a Sandal $99.99  NOW $50.00
Women's Pihapiha Sandal

OluKai Women's Pihapiha Sandal $129.99  NOW $65.00
Men's ‘Ohana Sandal

OluKai Men's ‘Ohana Sandal $70.00

OluKai Mens HOKUA $74.99 to $75.00
Men's Ulele Sandal

OluKai Men's Ulele Sandal $75.00
Men's Nui Sandal

OluKai Men's Nui Sandal $84.99

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Items per page: 20 40 60


OluKai believes everyone, no matter where they are, can live Aloha. 



OluKai’s Anywhere Aloha ® Campaign proves that though Aloha was born in Hawaii, it is a spirit not bound by geography. Aloha is one way to unlock its spirit in all of us. Each pair of OluKai footwear features beautiful, quality materials and handcrafted details inspired by island culture. The company is committed to building a unique and better class of products that blend ocean heritage with modern performance while leaving the smallest footprint possible on the planet. In every facet of its business, the brand is committed to respecting the people and the environments it touches. For more information visit www.olukai.com.


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